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Hataw pa rin sa stage, sa huling leg ng makasaysayang David Foster and Friends, the Asian Tour, kahit na-food poison ang international singing superstar na si Charice.

Kinumpirma ng ina nitong si Raquel, na nakasama nga sa anak ang pagkakain ng sushi sa isang restawran nang magkayayaan ang ilang staff and crew ng David Foster and Friends Asian Tour noong Oktubre 29.

Umaga ng Oktubre 30 nang magsimulang sumama ang tiyan ni Charice at nagsususuka na ito, tanda ng pagkalason. Agad namang isinugod sa ospital ang singer at aktres para malapatan ng lunas. Matapos ang ilang oras nang pamamalagi sa ospital ay inilabas din agad ang singer at nakapagtanghal pa sa harap ng 12,000 katao sa Esplanade Theatres.

Sabi ni Mommy Raquel sa kanyang twitter, okay na si Charice pero wala munang sushi para sa dalaga. Nang kapanayamin naman ang dalaga, sinabi nitong wala siyang balak na idemanda ang restawran na naghain sa kanila ng kontaminadong pagkaing Hapones. (Senyor Tsikador/Philippine Entertainment Alley).



International singing sensation Charice and her brother, Carl on their baptismal and confirmation day at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Pasig City (Photo Courtesy by CBCP Monitor)

“CHARMAINE Clarice, what do you ask of God’s Church?” “Faith,” international singing sensation Charice Pempengco standing at the entrance to Baptistry of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral of the Diocese of Pasig, responds to Bishop Francisco C. San Diego. “What does faith offer you?” the Bishop asks. “Eternal life,” she responds. Then she and younger brother, Carl Ceiven, who was asked the same questions, enter the Baptistry and take their respective places to begin the rites for their Baptism and Confirmation. It was 9:45 am, Saturday, May 22, 2010.

As early as 8:00 am that morning, media vans, cameras, photographers, and reporters from over 50 local and foreign media companies were seen coming into the churchyard of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Pasig folk became aware of the special event that was about to take place and flocked to catch a glimpse of the stars and celebrities present. Security was tight.

Inside, only the godparents, close family members and friends would be accommodated to witness the ceremonies. But media people eager to cover the event, found their way into the Baptistry, which was filled to standing capacity when the ceremonies began.

“Today we are here to accept Charmaine Clarice and CarlCeiven into the Church,” Bishop San Diego began his homily. “In this case we have, not the infant baptism, but the adult baptism. Not because of the fault of the two, but because it so happened that the parents were of different belief.”

Raquel Relucio Pempengco, mother of Charice and Carl, was seated in a special place behind her two children. In 1995, a victim of domestic violence, she fled her husband’s home in Laguna, taking her two children. “And now the mother would like them to be baptized and have the same faith as she has, so she requested that the daughter and the son be baptized in the Catholic Church,” Bishop San Diego said in his homily.

Conversion to Catholicism

As early as 1995, Raquel already considered having her two children baptized as Catholics, but thought it was complicated or probably not possible, given her marital situation. Then the demands of being a single mother having to raise her children through challenging times took over life.

At a very young age, Charice developed a passion to help her mother. She started joining singing contests at age 7 and contributed her prize money to the family income. She made it to television in 2005, reaching the finals of ABS-CBN’s Little Big Star competition. An avid fan posted videos of her live performances on YouTube. And this was the medium through which Charice started to be viewed by people from all over the world. These and subsequent YouTube posts became the passport for this poor girl from Cabuyao, Laguna to get invited to perform abroad. Between 2007 and 2008 she performed in Sweden, Korea, England, the Netherlands, Italy and the United States.

Ellen de Generes was the first one to invite Charice to the US, but it was Oprah Winfrey who launched Charice’s career in 2008. Oprah was charmed by er personality and promised to help her fulfill her dreams. She introduced Charice to David Foster and other big names in the music industry. Since then, she has performed with Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, and shared the stage with stars like Alicia Keys, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé.

In such a short time, Charice has achieved the status of an international singing star. She launched her self-titled international Album last May 11. In its first week, it landed No. 8 in the US Billboard charts with sales of 43,000. Her single “Pyramid” was several weeks No. 1 in the US Dance Club charts. She is the first Asian to reach these heights.

Charice has always considered these “dream-come-true” turn of events as God’s blessings to her after so many difficult years, and she does not cease to thank Him. It keeps her humble and well-grounded. As she shared in a television interview, “Kaya niya po ako binigyan ng talent, para po i-share ko po sa mga tao, and para po mapasaya po sila, and maging parang inspirasyon.”

Meeting the bishop In February 2010, Raquel Pempengco met with family friends Jei-Jei Victorino Gertes and Michelle Lim-Gankee, at the latter’s Sterling Paper Products head office to discuss plans for Charice’s 18th birthday on May 2010. “You want it to be ‘bonggacious’ or simple?” asked Jei-Jei. Mom Raquel said they wanted a simple celebration. Jei-Jei Gertes, a financial executive, who is one of the officers of the Ministry on Cultural Affairs of the Pasig Cathedral, then suggested a feeding program and gift-giving for street children of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Soup Kitchen. Raquel happily agreed.

Later on at dinner, Mom Raquel had a special request. “Gusto ko sanang pabinyagan si Charice.” Jei-Jei was taken aback, not knowing what to make of the request. Was Charice not a baptized Catholic? Clarifying matters, he immediately promised all-out support and arranged for Mom Raquel and Charice to personally meet with Bishop San Diego of the diocese of Pasig to formalize matters.

Present in the meeting with the bishop on February 25 were Mom Raquel, Charice, Jei-Jei and wife Geanne. Interviewed by Bishop San Diego, Charice confirmed that it was her desire to become Catholic, and be of the same religion as her mother. The mother had raised her children in Catholic practices. Charice had also received Catholic training in her grade school and high school. Satisfied with the candidate’s background, the Bishop agreed to administer not only the Sacrament of Baptism, but also the Sacrament of Confirmation.

That was not the first time that mother and daughter had met Bishop San Diego. On Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, Mom Raquel, Charice and [her] brother Carl were at the Pasig Cathedral as early as 4:00 am for the “Salubong” and Easter Dawn Mass celebration. Mom Raquel had accepted Jei-Jei Gertes’ invitation for Charice to render two “harana” songs for the Blessed Mother and the Risen Christ on that occasion. In the Dawn Mass that followed, the Pempengco family brought the Hosts and Chalice during the Offertory procession.

As special guests of the diocese that morning, they had breakfast with Bishop San Diego together with the Ministry on Cultural Affairs officers. That was their first meeting, and as designed by Providence, a familiar connection was immediately established. The bishop was happy to learn that they were from Cabuyao, Laguna, and therefore faithful of his former diocese. Bishop San Diego was in San Pablo City prior to his transfer to Pasig.

Adult Initiation

“You will notice that there is a big difference between the infant baptism and the adult baptism,” the Bishop explained in his homily, “if there is a Mass, they can already receive Holy Communion, without going to Confession. You may be surprised!” he exclaimed, “it’s because all the sins they have committed in the past will be forgiven, whether venial or serious sin.” This is the great privilege of those who undergo adult baptism, he said.

Addressing the godparents, Bishop San Diego explained that only one male and one female godparent for each baptized person will be entered in the registry book of the parish, “but you are all considered sponsors and witnesses during the Baptism of these two, who will become son and daughter of God after Baptism.” He encouraged them to guide the newly baptized with their personal example of Christian living.

Mom Raquel and Charice wanted, as a sign of gratitude, to invite as Godparents, key persons who had helped her become the person and the personality that she is today. Heading that list were Oprah Winfrey and David Foster, who could not make it to the event. Celebrities present from among Charice’s list of 24 pairs of godparents included Mrs. Charo Santos-Concio, President of ABS-CBN; television hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino-Yap; broadcasters Karen Davila, Jobert Sucaldito, and Julius and Tintin Babao.

It was 10:20 am when Bishop San Diego baptized Charice and brother, Carl, “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” The Sacrament of Confirmation followed and the liturgy ended at 10:30am. The bishop greeted Charice for her 18th birthday, which was on May 10, and congratulated her because today, he said, was her birthday as a daughter of God.

“Right at this moment, talagang sobrang sobrang saya ng feeling,” Charice shared after the ceremony. She considered her baptism and confirmation the greatest birthday gifts she received. “Very happy ako na Catholic ako ngayon. Sobrang blessings lang po talaga ang dumating nang araw na ito.”

“I hope that God continues to shower her with his light and his grace, so Charice would continue to be a role model, hindi lang para sa mga kabataan dito sa Pilipinas, kundi para sa lahat ng kabataan sa buong mundo.” This was Ms. Charo Santos’ wish for Charice.

Role model for children

There was no reception with the godparents and guests following the ceremonies. Instead, Charice proceeded to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral’s Formation Center for a get-together with street children. After the rousing “Happy Birthday” and the blowing of the birthday cake candles, 18 young girls went up to Charice, each giving her a rose and she [is]giving a kiss to each one. She was moved at that point, saying that it reminded her of how difficult those years were when she was their age.

She sat down and mingled with them. She sang for them two songs—an impromptu rendition of her latest hit “Pyramid” and “We are the World” as requested by the children. “Sa mga bata, once in a lifetime na mangyari yon. Bihira naman sila makakita ng ganyan,” said Millette Marcelo of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral soup kitchen. “Feeling nila na, Wow! nakiupo pa si Charice sa kanila, like one of them. Hindi siya nag-suplada. And she’s so sweet.”

It was Charice’s wish that, instead of personal gifts to her on her birthday, her supporters and well-wishers would send food and gift items for less-privileged children. And so it was. Charice’s 18th birthday was a special blessing for 500 children and their families in 10 barangays in Pasig.

Assisting Bishop San Diego in administering the Holy Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation were Rev. Father Orlando B. Cantillon, Parish Priest, Rector and Vicar General of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral; and Rev. Father Mark Eman H. Sese, Parochial Vicar. (Written by Conrado Ma. Ricafort; Reprinted from the CBCP Monitor, Vol. 14, No. 14, p. B4 dated July 5 – 18, 2010)

Note: Yours truly is writing since 2008 to the CBCP Monitor.

There had been a sudden uproar in the international showbiz scene when 18-year old singing superstar, Charice has decided to undergone botox. Dr. Vicky Belo of the Belo Medical Group had administered the procedure, telling the public that it was just a corrective procedure due to the stiffing of Charice’s facial muscles due to grinding of her teeth while she is sleeping or commonly known in the medical community as bruxism.

Some of the fans had commented the Charice mustn’t undergo the procedure because she is very young and that she doesn’t to be “enhanced” anyway. Some even say that it can affect the singer’s voice.

Despite some negative reactions, Charice’s fans are united that the singer needed some tight preparation appearing in 10 episodes of Glee. But botox must be one of them?

But how did Charice had acquire bruxism?

According to Teeth Grinding Cure, an informational website about teeth grinding, bruxism has different causes including stress, frustration and suppressed anger. It can also be caused by the abnormal alignment of teeth or by TMJ (Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders.)

Based on another oral health website, Simple Steps to Better Dental Health,  in the United States, this kind of oral problem affects about 30 million to 40 million children and adults. In the case of Charice, her bruxism is called “nocturnal bruxism” or “sleep-related bruxism.”

“Others grind or clench their teeth during the daytime as well. This is thought to be related to stress or anxiety. Stress can occur for many reasons, including sad and painful events such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. It can also occur from joyous events such as a new job or the birth of a baby,” explains the website.

But this could be the reasons that Charice has bruxism? No one can tell. Though we all know her life story.

Photo courtesy of

I have been browsing videos in YouTube until I saw this video of Ms. Jennette McCurdy. I didn’t know that Jennette sings!

For your information, dear readers, Ms. McCurdy is the sidekick of Miranda Cosgrove, who is also a singer-composer,  in one of the most followed shows in Nickelodeon, iCarly. I miss cable TV, very much and hope that I would get soon – if I would land in a good job (read: real job!). I love her being Sam!!!

Well, Senyor Tsikador is always young at heart. Despite his age (he’s 29, turning 30 this coming December), he still watches those funny television shows, even cartoons! We will write about that soon. So, hope that you will follow me here and my Twitter account, which will be set-up soon. Ambisyosa ang etchoserang Senyor! Ha-ha-ha!

While listening to this song, a cover from Amanda Stott, I had this feeling inside my heart that you know, it seems that a warm hand is touching that part of my heart. Just like the way that Ms. Charice Pempengco sings! (Ay, halatang fan! Bias!)

According to the Wikipedia, this is her second single. Her first single is down there (So Close) last year:

You know, she has the voice and of course, the attitude. Hope that Ms. McCurdy will make it to the top. =)

Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo wants international singing sensation Charice to sing on her birthday on July 25.

In one of her interviews in Showbiz News Ngayon last night, she said that she had requested Charice to sing on her birthday, however it is quite impossible for the latter to do so because of her heavy schedule.

Pop Princess Sarah had even called Charice her idol on that interview.

Sarah was the one hosting Little Big Star, a defunct reality talent show of ABS-CBN wherein Charice only landed on the 3rd place. First place went to Sam Concepcion and Gian Barbarona, landed on the second.

Will Charice be crafted as an actress in Glee? (Photo Courtesy of

Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, or simply Charice, of course is in Glee. No doubt about it. It’s official after Charice’s camp had denied, at first, that the young singing powerhouse is joining the highly-reviewed show, Glee. Now Charice is definitely will be rocking and rolling in the whole episode of Glee, season 2.

But fans and critics are actually divided over the issue of Charice joining Glee. Can the international singer can compete with her co-stars in terms of acting?

Charice can definitely sing… how about acting?

Gifted with a beautiful voice, Charice is definitely a champion when it comes to singing. But acting? Some people are worried if Charice can compete with her fellow actors and actresses in Glee.

In a blog titled A Can of Coke, the writer seems to be hesitant of Charice’s acting. A self-confessed, Gleek (a huge fun of Glee), the writer seems to doubt the international singing sensation’s ability to act.

But most people are worrying about (including me) is her acting. She can be compared to Lea Michelle or Amber Riley and even do better in terms of singing but she will be drowned with her acting and a number of other reasons: (1) she will be upstaged by Lea’s Rachel, (2) who needs another Mercedes in the show? (3) Sue will have ‘another Asian’ to ridicule and bully with and that is not good (read: Filipino fans might react negatively with the bullying part), (4) she’ll appear to be a grade schooler with her height, especially with Finn, and (5) I’m afraid that the show is beginning to be too commercialized rather than threading together the different stories of each of the main cast as in the first 13 episodes of the first season,” the blog entry read.

A certain Anonimo had commented on the blog entry saying,

I totally agree. She has THE singing skills alright, but as for acting? That’s what we’ll watch out for.

Not new in acting

Charice had her debut as an actress in Maalaala Mo Kaya in 2008 (Poster Courtesy of Chasters League)

Records show that Charice is no longer a neophyte when it comes to acting.

The first acting stint of Charice was the reenactment of her life in Maalaala Mo Kaya in 2008; Maalaala Mo Kaya is one of the longest running soap opera in the Philippine Television. The show has been on air for 18 years now.

Ms. Zsa-Zsa Padilla played Charice’s mom, Raquel, the role of little Charice was played by the smart and talented child star, Sharlene San Pedro and Carl was played by internationally acclaimed young singer, Rhap Salazar. Titled “Ice Cream,” the show was directed by the multi-awarded director Jeffrey Jeturian and was aired last July 26, 2008.

Though there was no any formal reviews, “Ice Cream” is said to be one of the most notable episodes that MMK had ever aired in the past years.

It is said that MMK, through the years, had been the “litmus” test among actors and actresses joining the ABS-CBN 2. Most of the new stars that had joined the roster of Star Magic, the ABS-CBN’s talent development barn, had undergone acting test in MMK. The show had even been described as the “standard in the Philippine drama,” by an online encyclopedia.

She also did a cameo role in Alvin and Chipmunks 2 (The Squeakuel).

“Maybe we need to give her a chance,” says a fan who wanted to remain anonymous when interviewed by the Philippine Entertainment Alley one time. “And her acting in the soap (MMK) is actually okay. Though, of course, she needs a little trimming… where she can get in Hollywood.”

Will Charice be discriminated?

Gleeks are waiting for Charice to join Glee. Charice is said to be appearing in 10 episodes of the popular musical soap.

But what most of the fans are afraid of is Charice to get discriminated.

However, the young singer did deny the rumors that she gets discriminated whenever she steps on a foreign soil.

“Hindi po ako nakaramdam ng ganun kasi for me, bakit ako makakaramdam ng ganun? I mean, I’m Asian. And kailangan ko ipakita sa’yo kung ano yung talent ng mga Asian. Hindi tayo karapat-dapat na lait-laitin. And siguro, pinakita lang rin nila na she’s Asian and she deserves to be on our show,” she said in one of her interviews.

Nevertheless, Charice indeed is one of the ever sought female recording star today. And maybe, if she would make it in Glee, an actress of top caliber.

“Godspeed to Charice,” says another fan. And, the PEN Alley says, may the Lord God bless her and the entire nation; not to forget the whole showbiz-landia (PEN Alley).

Will it be an episode that would become ‘dear’ to our hearts?

Ms. Sarah Geronimo, Philippines' Pop Princes (Photo Courtesy of

Pop princess Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo is Sharon Cuneta’s guest this Sunday on her show, Sharon, as the Philippine Entertainment Portal reports Friday.

In the news release published in the PEP’s website, it says that Sarah will be doing an explosive musical number plus, a one-on-one, intimate interview with the Mega Star.

Is this the start of Sharon’s ‘liking’ Sarah?

It was on 2006 when Ms. Geronimo had hit the headlines when the Del Rosario clan’s Viva Films had announced that Sarah will top-bill the Sharon-Gabby Concepcion’s first movie, Dear Heart.

But Ms. Cuneta had her reservations, saying that the movie is all hers and hers alone. Due this, the project was abruptly stopped. Prior this, Ms.Cuneta had admitted that she had an “ill-feeling” over ABS-CBN’s remake of her movie, Bituing Walang Ningning, which also features Sarah.

Ms. Sharon Cuneta, the Mega Star

During that time, Ms. Geronimo remained mum over the issue. Until now, there is no news about the project.

Meanwhile, Ms. Geronimo is quite busy in her shows here and abroad. According to her official website, the Pop Princess will be having a show on July 30, as part of her Record Breaker Philippine Tour.